Annyeonghaseyo! In view of Covid-19, government came up with a string of really tight measures for restaurants which has drastically reduced our seating capacity by 40-60%. As we are just a small restaurant looking at navigating through these unprecedented period, we seek you and your guests to fully cooperate on these few points

  • Maximum dining hour of 1 hour and 15 minutes if the restaurant’s capacity is full so that we can try to accommodate everyone, whom are like you, wish to dine here. There are many cafes nearby where you and your guests can mingle at. You can always approach our staff for more information on this.
  • Please call in advanced if you are unable to make it/late

As we figure out how to keep the business afloat during these tough times, we seek your empathy and understanding as you dine at our restaurant. Please continue to support us and stay safe too!

Thank you very much!

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